Specific food specialties in the UK

Talking about the UK delights there is a never-ending list of specialties including food and drink. The easiest way to get to know about UK food and drink culture is to get regional information about specific specialties.


In Devon, you may find a delicious Devonshire clotted cream which presents thick and fluffy cream over freshly baked scone all covered with domestic strawberry jam. Pot of hot tea is obligatory part and altogether makes a typical Devonshire cream tea.
British cheese is in general country obsession which comes in many varieties of which are most typical Blue Stilton, Yarg and Cheddar. In Derbyshire town, you should for sure taste famous Bakewell pudding presented as jam tart covered by almond paste and egg mixture which was accidentally done instead spread on the pastry.

The big hit was born, and it is found in most supermarkets.
Gingerbread well known to majority may be found in lots of places, but if you want to try real origin, you should visit Grasmere and try Sarah Nelson’s original recipe.
One of the best pies in the world are British pork pies and especially ones in Leicestershire presented as a golden, hand produced pastry jewel.
Talking about pasty as a local legend in Cornwall you will get in touch with a Cornish pasty. Including chunky filling made of beef chunks, turnip, potato, onion and peppery spicing.


Here food was usually made for the hard working population in the form of simple dishes with quality ingredients. Welsh lamb is world’s most famous one cultivated on the mountains and valleys of Wales.Feeding lambs with salt tolerant grass and herbs like sea lavender, sorrel, and thrift in Gower peninsula is giving great flavor to most known Gower salt marsh lamb. And wherever you go in Wales Welsh cake will be offered during your travel. As a modest round of cake made of flour, butter, eggs, milk, and currants including dried fruit, chocolate flavor and dusting sugar locally is known as bakestone.

Welsh food presents a great combination of diversity and tradition. Cawl presents all the nutrition of this land in one pot depending only on season. It is traditional soup likely to soup made of Welsh lamb, potatoes, and leeks but recipes vary. For the fans of sweet flavor, there are many award-winning chocolatiers making, modestly said, an art of chocolate dishes.


With rich, smoky flavor and shining copper color, an Arbroath smokie is a special traditional fish meal within an 8km radius of Arbroath. Haggis, on the other hand, presents very specific and at first look a very weird mixture of a sheep, pig or cow pluck with onion, oatmeal, and seasoning spices all together put in the stomach of the animal. You would be very surprised how delicious intestines can be if you find good haggis.
Celebrated globally and prime bred in this country Scottish salmon represents a perfect mixture of taste and texture. One of the most important breakfasts in Scotland is porridge so thick you may eat it by your hand.

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