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British food and drink

British people are famous for good and healthy food. They combine various ingredients to make delicious meals which can be served at different events.


Main courses

We have a couple of main meals for you to try: Homemade Shepherd's Pie, Bubble & Squeak, British Classic Bangers & Mash, Beef Wellington by Gordon Ramsey and British Toad in the Hole.


Sauces and sides

If you enjoy delicious sauces, then we have a couple of recommendations for you: Brown sauce, Branston Pickle, Horseradish sauce, Colman’s English mustard, Marie Rose sauce and Salad Cream.



It a well-known fact that British people love drinking and you can as well try some of their beverages: Pimm's Cooler, Sidecar, Bivalve Brews, The Savoy Daisy and Mr. Stair.

Recipes from the UK's Best Chefs

Fish and chips – recipe

Fish and chips is a traditional English meal. The portion depends on the number of people. To make this meal, you will need one potato, and you will make regular fries. For meat, you will use cod fillets, first add salt and pepper, then roll them in flour and then in beaten eggs and fry them in deep oil.

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