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British food and drink

Brit​ain is famous for ​hearty and healthy food. ​For ​hundreds of years, recipes have been developed that are delicious and full of goodness!


Main courses

We have a couple of traditional main meals for you to try: ​ Shepherd’s Pie, Bubble & Squeak, ​Classic Bangers & Mash, Beef Wellington​ and ​Toad in the Hole.


Sauces and sides

If you enjoy delicious sauces, then we have a couple of recommendations for you: Brown sauce, Branston Pickle, Horseradish sauce, Colman’s English mustard, Marie Rose sauce and Salad Cream.



The British are well known for their love of drinks – there’s a beverage for every occasion, and we’ve got it all! Whether it’s an English Breakfast tea in one of our branded paper cups, or a traditional ale or G&T, there’s something for everybody to try.

Recipes from the UK​

Fish and chips

Fish and ​Chips is a traditional English meal. Cut potatoes into thick chips to fry later. Then ​mix flour, seasoning and one egg with beer to make a batter. Flour your fish fillet and dip it in this batter. ​Deep fry ​both the fish and the chips in ​oil and serve with a lemon wedge and mushy peas!


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